Emma Beauty Intelligence
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How It Works

Shoppers chat with our AI-powered Beauty Expert (we call her Emma) to answer carefully selected questions about their hair

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A quick, fun chat helps Emma learn about each shopper’s hair and make predictions using our proprietary algorithms

As shoppers browse hair care products, Emma delivers personalized scores and real-time, expert advice to guide them to purchases they’ll love

Consumers give precise feedback about their experience with each hair product, helping brands learn the “why” behind their hits and misses



Instant personalized scores guide you through the shopping experience.

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This is an effective conditioner for heat-styling
your curls because it contains moisturizing
ingredients and protein.


High Match = Happy Hair

Shoppers are empowered to try new products with confidence and avoid poor outcomes/disappointing purchase


The science of beauty + The science of data
We call it “beauty intelligence”

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Proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms generate personalized
product scores

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Human beauty experts help train
the algorithms based on real life experiences.